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No Biscuits From Fort Davis


Fort Davis is in the desert mountains of West Texas, about a seven-hour drive from Austin. As I mentioned in my “Rotten Banana Muffin” post, we went out there for a four-day spring break trip. My son makes fun of me for calling it a camping trip, since we weren’t in a tent. We stayed in “camp rooms” at a motor court, meaning the rooms had beds and electricity but no heat or solid doors. Or bathrooms. The bathrooms were a few doors down. With temperatures dropping into the 30s our first night there, sleeping in a room with no heat, a screen for a door, and a bathroom down the sidewalk counts as camping in my book!


It was a great trip; luxury camping I would say. The managers of our lodging could not have been nicer, the place was emaculately clean. We hiked Davis Mountains State Park, swam in San Solomon Springs, went to a Star Party at the McDonald Observatory, and tooled around the little towns of Marfa and Alpine. My main goal was to get outside and to feel like we have actually left the city, and that goal was accomplished.

My only disappointment was the food. While I had planned to lived mainly on peanut butter, cold cereal and bananas, I had expected at least one good cowboy breakfast and one hearty, stick-to-your-ribs dinner. Unfortunately we never really found great grub. I thought there would be some hole-in-the-wall type places selling good, honest frontier food at honest prices. The pickens were pretty slim in Fort Davis, but even a drive to Alpine didn’t improve our options much. There were either super expensive places in surrounding towns or mediocre cheap places. Of the three places we ate in Fort Davis, one was fair and the other two disappointments. The Hotel Limpia had been recommended to us, but you couldn’t eat there without reservations. What? In a town of 500, with about 10 streets total, there’s a reservations-only restaurant? Go figure. ┬áSo instead of posting photos of all the fluffy biscuits, juicy steaks, and mouth-watering pies that I wanted to eat, all I have is pictures of the beautiful desert mountains. But that is what we went out there for in the first place.


My munchkins. The one on the left is my son; some people seem confused by his hair and think I have two daughters.