Homemade applesauce

Simmering apples

I sense a theme emerging for this month. I made applesauce with the kids tonight because there were huge Jonagold apples on sale at HEB yesterday. And while making applesauce isn’t baking, it shares some similarities. I guess it’s almost the same as making a pie filling, and the kitchen is certainly filled with an apple pie aroma. When I used to make applesauce for my baby daughter (who is now eight years old), I just used apples and water. But tonight, I followed a recipe in the Joy of Cooking. Not only does it include sugar, but it calls for apple juice instead of water. The end result was definitely sweeter than my babyfood version, but not overly so, which was my fear. Joy’s recipe also called for a cinnamon stick, ground ginger and ground nutmeg, which gives it a very nice fall flavor.

The finished product (chunky style)

The finished product (chunky style)


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